The Ultimate Guide to Thule Roof Boxes

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BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

Thule roof boxes are storage solutions to transport all of your camp gear, snowboards, skis, and other cargo. If you've ever looked into buying one before, then you've probably heard about Thule. But what exactly is Thule? Well, I'll tell you!

The Thule camp stove is small and efficient, with a little bit of everything: two burners, a grill grate, pots, and pans. This camp stove is perfect for the quick cook who wants efficiency and versatility in cooking camp dishes—especially if you're sharing camp kitchen space with other campers.

Thule snowboard racks are snowboard racks designed keeping in mind your snowboard's safety as well as how much room you have available on your roof rack system. Thule snowboard racks: four-strap design, load-strap positioning, and the T-track all contribute to your snowboard's safety. Not only that but Thule camp stoves were designed with campers' satisfaction in mind: Thule camp stove lids and windscreens help protect camp dishes from outside elements (wind and rain), while aluminium construction is lightweight and strong for hassle-free packing.

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The Thule Force XT XXL cargo box is quite possibly the biggest roof box on the market today, boasting a whopping 500 litres of space! But what's 500 litres anyway? Well, if I had a one-liter jug, then I could fit just over 1,600 of those bad boys inside the Thule Force XT XXL "box"! So no matter what you're cooking in camp, this camp stove will have you covered!

What is a Thule Box?

Roof boxes from Thule enhance your ability to transport a wide range of equipment and luggage. Thule roof boxes are designed with aerodynamics, easy installation, and security in mind. The range includes products that allow you to carry skis, snowboards, bikes, kayaks, or surfboards. The best part is that they can be used year-round; campers find them useful for storing camp stoves and tents! No matter what type of lifestyle you lead or what kinds of gear you like to take along on your journeys, there is a box perfect for you!

Why should I get one?

Using a Thule Box gives you peace of mind when transporting expensive sports equipment such as kayaks or snowboards. You won't have to worry about your box popping open, breaking in transit, or even scratching up your vehicle. There's simply no better way to travel with your gear.

Types of Thule Boxes

Thule manufactures an excellent range of roof boxes that are designed for specific types of equipment. For campers, the models available include camp stoves and tents. If you're into snow sports, there are boxes for skis, snowboards, bikes, and kayaks or surfboards. Most of these will also fit more than one type of equipment, so don't worry about having to get multiple boxes if you feel like switching things around! And if you need a larger capacity option, Thule offers XXL options that can accommodate all kinds of camp gear.

How Much Can a Thule Roof Box Hold?

It's really up to you! Thule manufactures roof boxes in three sizes: 25, 35, and 50 liters. Within these categories are sub-categories for specific types of equipment (ski, kayak, etc.). The 35-liter camp stove box can hold one camp stove or two camp chairs with ease. Some campers report that they use the stoves regularly during their trip, so it is essential to make sure you have enough room for your camp gear and your food supplies! The ski and snowboard model fits up to 4 boards, depending on the length of each board. The most spacious option is the 50-liter model, which can accommodate all kinds of camping gear, including tents and tables for cooking.

What are the options for locks?

All Thule roof boxes come with locks pre-installed. But if you want to take your security game to another level, you should consider purchasing additional padlocks to secure the box to the car or shield locks that prevent someone from breaking into your box. It's an extra investment, but it is well worth it considering how much gear is stored inside the Thule Box. You can also purchase a lockbox from Thule that fits within the redesigned tracks on roof boxes for added security.

features you should look for

Thule camp boxes are designed with durability in mind, but that doesn't mean you should take durability for granted! Before making a purchase, consider the reasons behind any possible damage to your box. If it's not securely attached, your box could end up flying off even while traveling at low speeds. Thule has developed its easy-to-use SecureLock feature, which allows these boxes to attach firmly to standard roof racks without glue or screws. Be sure to look for this when considering possible features! Another important factor is the weight capacity of the rack; make sure you know exactly how much it can handle before buying anything. And finally, take ease of installation into account. Thule camp boxes are designed to be extremely easy to install, but the best value may come from a box that you can put on yourself. And don't forget about ease of use—if you're going to have to open your roof box every time you need something inside, it might not seem so great after all!

What is the largest Thule roof box?

The largest Thule camp box is the XXL camp stove, which can accommodate up to two camp stoves, tents, and tables for cooking. It also comes with an elevated interior floor made of extra-durable material, so you can set your camp stove directly on it. These boxes come in three different sizes: 25, 35, and 50 liters.

What Kinds of Gear Can Fit Into a Thule Box?

Thule camping boxes are built to fit all kinds of gear from kayaks to surfboards via skis/snowboards or camp stoves! They have options designed specifically for each type of equipment, but if you feel like switching things around, be sure you have enough space for whatever goes inside! Most Thule camp boxes are at least 35 liters, but if you need extra space, Thule camp boxes are expandable with an additional 5 liters.

What Are the Different Thule Roof Boxes?

The "standard" camp stove roof box is the most popular among campers and has a capacity of up to 35 liters. It's perfect for skis,  snowboards, or camp stoves. The camp kitchen box offers plenty of space for your equipment, including camp cookware, and comes in two different sizes: 47 L (for caravans) and 62 L (4WD). The ski and board model can hold four snowboards or skis. This is available as both a square (47 liters) and a non-square version (48 liters). If you're in need of extra camp space, the camp box ladder allows you to store your camp gear in an organized way without taking up any additional space in your vehicle. These boxes can carry up to 200 kg and come with a 4-step ladder for easy access to all stored items. They are available in two sizes: 80 liters (4WD) and 110 liters (caravan). The Thule Force XT XXL camp stove is the largest camp stove roof box around, coming in at 100 liters!


Thule camp boxes are designed to be extremely durable and easy to install. It's important to consider the weight capacity when purchasing a roof box, but most Thule camp boxes can hold over 100 kg in their load limit. Also, look for the SecureLock feature when considering possible features; this makes installation easier than ever! And finally, don't forget about ease of use. Would you really want to carry around something that is difficult to open? Fortunately, with Thule camp boxes, there is no compromise on convenience! That's why they can be found all over the world being used by campers, climbers, surfers, and winter sports enthusiasts. So whatever type of gear you enjoy taking along when you travel, Thule camp boxes are perfect!

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