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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2024
BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

The car roof open is an exciting feature that allows you to enjoy the outdoors while driving. It is a great way to enjoy the scenery and fresh air while still being able to stay protected from the elements. This feature is especially great for those who enjoy driving in convertibles.

Is the Open Rooftop Carrier for You?

When you decide you want a rooftop carrier for your vehicle, you’ll discover they come in two main types: a bag type, which you can usually place on top of your vehicle without installing any type of hardware or brackets; and a box type, which will require brackets to be installed. If you’re thinking that the brackets or either of these carriers will harm your vehicle, think again. All of them are made to be placed on your vehicle without damaging it, so you don’t have to be concerned about that.

A Third Type of Rooftop Carrier

In addition to the bag and box types of rooftop carriers, there are also simple basket-type carriers that you install on top of your roof, and your suitcases go directly on these racks. Usually, you simply cover the rack with a sturdy net-type device to make sure the suitcases and other items are nice and secure. The nets are made specifically for these cartop racks, so as long as you don’t go over the weight limit for that particular rack, your suitcases and other items will be nice and safe.

The more “open” design of the rooftop racks or baskets appeals to many people. Can you carry more items with baskets than you can with a standard rooftop carrier? Not necessarily, but some people feel like they can. The truth is, all carriers and baskets have a specific weight capacity, so regardless of what you plan to store in your carrier, you have to pay attention to that weight limit. Naturally, some carriers have higher weight limits than others, but when looking at this number, keep in mind that it includes the actual weight of the carrier as well as anything you put inside the carrier.

People also ask if you can put any type of rooftop rack or basket on a convertible, and the answer is “no,” you cannot. This is because in order to install any type of rack or basket on the top of your vehicle, you must have a top that is rigid and not soft like the tops of convertibles. Nevertheless, as long as you measure the top of your vehicle and compare that to the carrier you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find the right size for the carrier for your non-convertible car or truck.

Types of Baskets Available for Your Vehicle

So, what are the characteristics of these more “open” types of rooftop carriers? First of all, many people love that they are designed not to look as huge as other types of rooftop carriers. In general, the rack or basket remains on your vehicle at all times, but most of them are only four to five inches high, so they do not stick out like a sore thumb. Despite their size, however, many of them can accommodate a lot of luggage, gear, and other items. They usually have to be installed on roof racks, but once they’re installed they remain sturdy and reliable for a very long time.

The only real complaint that the owners of these baskets have is that it makes your trip a little noisier than normal, but that is the same with all types of carriers, not just these. The net device, which is essentially a bungee cord, is usually not included with the basket, but it comes in all sizes and is usually very affordable. Even better, most of these baskets are aerodynamically designed so that you get better wind resistance, which can improve your gas mileage.

Buying an open carrier in the form of a basket is smart for many reasons. The main tip to remember is to check to make sure that particular carrier is able to fit your make, model, and year of car or truck to ensure it will work properly.

How to open car roof

If your car has a sunroof, the process for opening it will be fairly simple and straightforward. Start by finding the switch that controls the sunroof, which is usually located on the ceiling near the front of the vehicle. Once you've located the switch, press and hold it to open the sunroof. You may need to hold the switch for a few seconds before the sunroof begins to open.



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