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Last Updated: Jun 14, 2024
BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

There are a couple of brands that you can get in the market today. Goplus is one of those brands that offer good quality products. You can go for their cargo carrier boxes as well if you are looking for something better to carry your luggage on the top of your car. Some of the best goplus roof box models come with amazing features and benefits such as protection, portability, easy installation and so much more.

The Goplus Cargo Box is a portable storage solution that can hold up to 80 lbs of cargo. It has a removable shelf, adjustable straps, and it's water-resistant.

The Goplus Cargo Box is ideal for storing tools and other supplies while you're at home or on the road. It's also great for camping gear like lanterns, tents, sleeping bags—almost anything you could think of that would fit into this large box!

The container measures about three feet by two feet so it's not going to fit in your backpack or purse but it does have handles on top so you can carry it around easily enough when needed. The mesh netting on top lets air flow through so there won't be condensation issues when storing damp items inside (although we recommend keeping things as dry as possible).

Key Features

  • Large capacity – 165 pounds
  • Premium construction materials – Combines ABS and PC
  • Easy installation – 4 quick connect anchors
  • Dual opening mechanism – Safety and versatility
  • Metal lid stiffeners – added stability and rigidity
  • Super latch security – securing the box lid to the base


  • Goplus roof box
  • 4 connect anchors
  • 2 luggage straps
  • 2 keys
  • An instruction manual

The Review - Goplus Cargo Box


The Goplus cargo box, constructed from high-grade ABS and PC materials, is perfect for all of life’s excursions, whether it be a beach vacation or an excursion down to Home Depot. With its sturdy build and scuff-/corrosion-resistant finish, this cargo box will carry up to 165 pounds of your gear in one comfortable trip that won’t break you down!

Seizing the day means staying safe and prepared for whatever comes. With the help of our automobile tie-downs, you’ll arrive at your destination undaunted and completely protected from the elements – with not a single drop of water or flake of snow daring to cross into the forbidden world beneath your vehicle!


Installing the rooftop carrier is ridiculously easy with the patented 4 quick connect anchors, and the tool-free mounting hardware finishes this job quickly. The box weighs only 25 pounds to begin with, so it's super simple for one person to handle installing it, but an extra pair of hands would probably be a good idea.

You can use the rack with roof bars measuring between 16.1 - 24.8 inches wide. If you have a bar beyond this range, however, you'll need to do a few minor adjustments so that they fit properly - likely based on your style of crossbar (square, round, aero or factory) and its width (which should ideally be less than 3.1 inches at maximum).

Adjusting the positioning of your roof box is essential to attain optimum clearance when driving. For instance, if you position it too far forward, it will reduce your front visibility and lead to an increase in drag (or wind resistance). Positioning the box further back will interfere with your ability to open the rear hatch door easily.


Since you can adjust the width of the rack and cargo box for fit, this luggage carrier is compatible with most mid-size cars. If you own a larger vehicle like an SUV, you might need to drill holes and modify the bracket slot openings to fit your larger vehicles.

The Goplus Cargo Box is 63 inches long and 31 inches wide. It's 15 inches high. This cargo box a great way to transport camping gear, golfing equipment, and other things you might need for road journeys in a safe, secure, weather-proof protective carrying case. The Goplus cargo box might not be ideal for transporting snowboards and skis or other long gear because it probably won’t fit your stuff.

The Goplus comes in the colors black, grey, and white. These colors blend with the color of your car to make it appear more sophisticated and fashionable. The white color exudes a modern, elegant and sporty look, while the black box exudes boldness and toughness. The silver gray color is neutral, which makes it mature and reliable looking.

Ease of Use

Double opening box carrier with sturdy twin arm supports keeps the box open as you load or unload your cargo.

However, do not attempt to open the box from both sides concurrently, as this will damage the lid stiffeners.

Two locks will prevent your belongings from spilling out of the box whileon the road.The lock on this shipping container is designed to make sure that it stays securely closed while being carried, even if there are strong winds or other types of movement. To ensure you don't forget to lock your cargo box before hitting the road,the key will only come out after closing the cover and turning in the opposite direction.

On the downside, the grip mounts end up taking a significant portion of internal storage space which in turn limits the usefulness of the interior. This means you won’t be able to necessarily fit as much gear as would be class-leading if there wasn't a port for the mounts directly on top of your roof box.


If you have a Goplus cargo box, it is most likely set up on your vehicle’s rooftop. The streamlined design allows for the cargo box to reduce drag. However, removing the box will not make much of an impact to your gas mileage because it barely affects your driving ability. Additionally, it doesn’t make any noticeable whistling noise as you drive down the highway.


  • The product is easy to assemble.
  • It's lightweight, so it's easy to carry around in the car or on your shoulder as you walk home with your groceries (or whatever).
  • The material used is durable and strong enough that you won't have any issues with being careful with it when loading up your stuff into the cargo box (but don't go bending and twisting it like a crane or something).

Pros and Cons


  • Great price!
  • Large capacity!
  • Easy to assemble!
  • Locking mechanism makes it a safe option for long trips, especially when you're traveling with kids. Just make sure you don't forget to lock it!

Goplus Roof Box

If you're looking to get a roof box with a low price tag, then the Goplus is definitely worth considering. It's not going to be as good as some of the more expensive boxes on this list, but it's still very good quality and will last quite some time if you take care of it.

It's a great size for the price - large enough to carry skis or snowboards comfortably and plenty of other stuff too (up to 6 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards). It has a metal construction that makes it sturdy, but still lightweight enough (just over 20kg) that you don't need any help when installing it onto your car except maybe someone holding the box up while you tighten the straps around each corner.

It opens and closes easily thanks to two simple latches at either side which allow one person access through both doors without needing any tools or even having to take off their shoes! The lid itself is made from soft touch material so there won't be any scratches left behind when removing your items from inside either end either - just make sure not throw anything sharp into them first though!

Features of Goplus Roof Box

  • Materials
  • The Goplus roof box is made of high quality materials, and it will last a long time. It's made from ABS plastic that can withstand exposure to high temperatures and humidity. The materials are also UV resistant, so they won't fade or change color in sunlight.
  • Design
  • This roof box is designed for easy installation and removal by one person. You don't need any special tools or training to install the unit on your vehicle; just attach the clamps on each side with the included wrench, then tighten them evenly to secure the box firmly in place. There are no extra parts or pieces needed for assembly either - everything you need comes with your purchase!
  • It has a good price.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It has a good capacity.
  • It is waterproof.
  • Its design is nice and beautiful, which means it can increase the aesthetic value of your car very much, especially when you drive with your family or friends in it, they will feel comfortable and enjoy the ride with this roof box on top of their heads!

Goplus is a great brand for the rooftop cargo carrier.

Goplus is a great brand for the rooftop cargo carrier. They have a wide variety of models, sizes and colors to choose from. It has multiple features such as rain cover and detachable sun shade that protect your belongings from damage caused by weather conditions. They also provide you with a ladder to help you get into the box easily without damaging its structure or paintwork when loading heavy items inside it.

The model we will be reviewing today is their largest roof cargo carrier which can accommodate up to 6 passengers with ease due to its large size (5ft x 2ft x 2ft) and weight capacity (500 lbs)!

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Goplus is a high performer for the price  and comes at a great price. It has some safety features that are impressive and it's built of good quality material that enhances durability. The Goplus cargo box isn't larger than the 14 cubic feet size, which may not be enough for everyone.

All in all, the goplus roof box is the best you can get in the market today. It has enough space to pack a lot of stuff and it is easy to install too.

Overall, Go Plus cargo boxes are a wonderful option when looking for a reliable way to transport and store your cargo, whether that's while out at sea or taking an extended trip up the coast. However, make sure to open up the box immediately upon receiving your shipment because it is not likely to be properly packed with any sort of padding or anything in the event something goes wrong with the packaging during transit.

Fortunately, you can easily resolve this by simply contacting your supplier and filing an insurance claim for a replacement as both reputable companies like Go Plus offer quality assurance policies similar to those on applicable warranties.



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