Meefar Car Roof Bag

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Last Updated: Jul 12, 2024
BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

The meefar car roof bag is the best one I've found by far. It's lightweight, waterproof, and features a unique tie-down system that keeps your belongings safe and secure. I'll break down what to love about this bag below so you can see for yourself why it should be on every road trip packing list.


The material used to make this car roof bag is high quality, waterproof, durable and lightweight. This ensures that you get the best of both worlds when it comes to traveling with your car roof bag. The materials used are also easy to clean so you can maintain them without much effort on your part.

Wrap system

The Meefar roof bag's wrap system is an innovative design that allows you to store your bag in a compact space. It also protects the bag from damage and provides easy access when you need to pull it out.

To use this design, simply lay the Meefar on its back with the bottom facing up. Then place it on top of your car's trunk or hatchback so that one end of the bag hangs over each side of the vehicle (as shown below). Once positioned, wrap each end around until they meet in front of where they rest on top of your car's trunk or hatchback.


The quality of the bag is excellent. It’s made of high-quality materials and is durable, making this a great option for people who want to protect their cargo. The bag is waterproof, which makes it ideal for protecting your belongings from rain or snow.


  • Dimensions: 31x15x20cm
  • Compatible with cars
  • Waterproof


  • The meefar car roof bag comes with a 1 year warranty. If you have any issues with your bag, you can contact the manufacturer. The manufacturer will help you solve the issue and replace your bag if it is damaged.


Our Waterproof Car Roof Cargo Bag is a perfect solution for keeping your things dry and organized. It can be used as a stroller bag, baby bag and car roof carrier. The waterproof material will protect your belongings from the elements. This sturdy bag is made from quality polyester, which is highly durable and waterproof.

This cargo bag has a large storage capacity, perfect for storing all the items you need while on the road! Two handles make it easy to carry this bag when loading or unloading. The cargo strap with four digit combination lock provides security so you can rest assured knowing that nothing will be stolen or damaged during transport.

The top cargo bag opens up wide so that you can easily reach into it without having to take everything out first. The two zippers on either side of the top cover are easy to use even when wearing gloves in cold weather conditions!

The bottom of this cargo bag features multiple straps that hook onto your roof rack securely so that nothing moves around while driving down the road. This top cargo bag also comes with an extra 6 straps that you can use if necessary for securing larger items such as skis or snowboards on top of your vehicle!

The meefar car roof bag is an excellent waterproof bag that allows you to transport your belongings wherever you go.

The meefar car roof bag is an excellent waterproof bag that allows you to transport your belongings wherever you go. This product is made with high-quality fabric and can withstand heavy rain or snow, ensuring that your items are safe in any weather condition. The meefar car roof bag is easy to install, allowing you to use it whenever and wherever needed. It comes in various sizes so it will fit most cars and vehicles.

The meefar car roof bag features three zippers on top for easy access and two straps at the bottom so that it stays attached securely even when driving fast speeds on highways or city streets.


Whether you’re driving around town or out on the open road, the meefar car roof bag is sure to keep your belongings safe and dry. It’s lightweight, easy to install, and even comes with a warranty! With its weatherproof design, durable materials, and generous size, this roof bag is perfect for any driver who needs extra cargo space without having to tow a trailer behind them.



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