Best Cargo Carriers and Roof Boxes

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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2024
BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

Best Cargo Carriers and Roof Boxes

Van Roof Rack

Find the best van roof rack to save space on your next trip. Roof racks for vans are also the perfect way to transport equipment and work gear.

Van roof racks come in a wide range of sizes and designs. They typically feature sturdy metal frames for holding heavy cargo. With a van roof rack, you increase the storage space of your vehicle and gain a solid platform for transporting heavy equipment. You may also find that you have more legroom.

If you want to secure equipment on the roof of your van, start comparing the best van roof racks available.

Thule Force L Roof Box

Keep your cargo safe with the durable Thule Force L Roof Box. The Thule Force carrier maximizes space efficiency by adding storage on top of your vehicle. It includes an easy-to-install quick-grip mount system and an oversized latch for opening and closing the carrier while wearing gloves.

The Thule Force L Roof Box features an aerodynamic design and a unique diamond-textured surface that minimizes wind resistance. The roof box fits on almost any factory-installed or aftermarket rack or Thule mounting bars. It also includes a dual side opening design, allowing you to access your cargo from either side of the vehicle.

Best Cargo Carriers and Roof Boxes

Carrier Covers

Protect your luggage using the latest carrier covers. Carrier covers are made with heavy-duty material and durable stitching to shield against the elements. They mount easily and fold up when not in use for convenient storage.

A carrier cover is an efficient solution when you need to transport heavy or odd-shaped cargo. The covers can hold and secure all types of cargo. The thick material also ensures that your cargo is protected from road grit, wind, and sun.

Choosing the right carrier cover depends on the size of your vehicle and the size of your load. Explore the latest carrier covers to find the right solution before your next trip.

Yakima Cargo Bags

Yakima cargo bags offer reliability and convenience, thanks to quality construction and innovative designs. The cargo bags from Yakima are premium products with universal roof rack designs for use on almost any vehicle. No assembly is needed. They feature tool-free installation and removal.

Yakima also offers a variety of bags and carriers to suit your specific needs. You can choose from multiple sizes, ranging from 12-cubic feet of storage to 21-cubic feet of storage.

All Yakima cargo bags include sleek, aerodynamic designs to minimize wind drag. The durable material also ensures that your cargo remains shielded from rain, snow, and debris.

Yakima Cargo Bags

X Cargo Cartop Carrier

Free up space in your car with a cartop carrier. The X Cargo Cartop Carriers are durable carriers that mount easily on factory-installed or aftermarket roof rack systems. The carrier attaches to the roof of the vehicle using U bolts for more secure installation. The lids of the carriers are hinged and gently spring open to provide access to the interior.

X Cargo carriers come in several sizes, including 15-cubic foot or 20-cubic foot options. The carriers are made with molded ABS plastic and feature streamlined designs to reduce wind resistance. The weather-resistant carriers are perfect for long-distance trips through rugged environments.

Biggest Roof Cargo Boxes Available

Need to transport a lot of gear on your next trip? Find the biggest roof cargo boxes available from top brands. Explore the Thule Motion XT XXL cargo carrier. It features an optimized design for increased space efficiency and aerodynamics.

The Yakima Carbonite Skybox is another top recommendation. It is easy to install and includes sliding clamps that adjust to match the crossbar spread. The Mark sign Truck Cargo Bag is the perfect solution for those with an open truck bed. The bag fits any truck size and includes four sturdy rubber handles. It is completely waterproof and capable of holding up to 26 cubic feet.



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