Best Roof Boxes of 2024: Your Ultimate Guide for Extra Storage Space

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Last Updated: Jun 9, 2024
BY: Matt Keepnes

Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

Welcome to our annual roundup of the best roof boxes available in 2024! Whether you're planning a family vacation a camping trip or just need extra space for your daily needs a roof box can be a game-changer. In this guide we'll dive into the top choices to help you find the perfect match for your vehicle and storage needs.

Why Choose a Roof Box? Expand your car's capacity

A roof box is essentially an additional trunk on your car's roof. It's incredibly useful for long trips outdoor adventures or when you need to transport bulky items. By freeing up space inside your vehicle roof boxes make your journeys more comfortable and organized.


Roof boxes come in various sizes and styles, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicles, from small cars to large SUVs. Whether you're carrying luggage, sports equipment, or camping gear, there's a roof box for every type of load.

Security and Protection

Modern roof boxes are designed to keep your belongings safe and secure. They are equipped with locks and robust materials to protect against theft and harsh weather conditions.

Top Features to Consider

When selecting a roof box, consider these critical features:

Size and Capacity

The size should match your storage needs without overwhelming your vehicle's roof. Consider how much gear you typically carry and choose accordingly.


Ensure the roof box fits your car model. Check the manufacturer's specifications for compatibility.

Ease of Installation

Look for roof boxes that are easy to mount and remove. Quick-release systems are a great plus.


A lockable roof box is essential for protecting your belongings. Check the security features each model offers.


A well-designed roof box should have minimal impact on your driving. Aerodynamic shapes reduce wind resistance and noise making for a smoother ride.

Best Roof Boxes of 2024

The Spacious Explorer

This model is a favorite among families and long-distance travelers. It boasts a robust build ample space, and user-friendly features for easy access on the go.

The Sleek Adventurer

Ideal for the style-conscious driver, this model combines sleek design with functionality. It's lightweight reduces fuel consumption and is the perfect addition to any modern vehicle.

The Budget-Friendly Traveler

For those on a budget, this roof box offers reliability without breaking the bank. It's a practical choice with a solid build and essential features.

Installation and Care Tips


We'll walk you through a step-by-step guide on how to securely install your roof box, ensuring it’s safely attached and ready for the road.


Regular care extends the life of your roof box. We'll share the tips on cleaning inspecting and storing your roof box to keep it in good condition.


Choosing the right roof box is about balancing size, functionality, and budget. With our top picks for 2024 you're equipped to make an informed decision that will enhance your travel experience for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the criteria for choosing the best roof boxes?

The best roof boxes are selected based on durability, ease of installation, storage capacity, security features, aerodynamic design, compatibility with different vehicles, and customer reviews.

Can I fit a roof box on any car?

Most roof boxes are designed to fit a wide range of vehicles, but you should always check the manufacturer's specifications for compatibility with your car model and roof rack system.

How does a roof box affect my vehicle’s fuel efficiency?

Roof boxes can impact fuel efficiency due to increased wind resistance. However, modern designs are more aerodynamic to minimize this effect. It's also important to pack your roof box thoughtfully to reduce drag.

Are roof boxes secure?

Yes, the majority of roof boxes come with locking systems to secure your belongings. The boxes with enhanced security features for added peace of mind.

How much can I store in a roof box?

Storage capacity varies by model. Roof boxes come in various sizes typically ranging from 9 to 22 cubic feet. Choose a size based on your storage needs and the weight limit of your vehicle's roof.

What is the best way to load a roof box?

Distribute weight evenly, place heavier items at the bottom, and secure loose items to prevent shifting while driving. Always adhere to the manufacturer's guidelines for weight and packing.

How do I maintain my roof box?

To maintain your roof box, clean it regularly, check for any damage, keep it dry inside, and store it properly when not in use. Regular maintenance performance of your roof box.

Is it difficult to install a roof box?

Most roof boxes are designed for easy installation, often requiring no tools. They typically come with a manual providing step-by-step instructions. If you're not confident seek professional assistance.

Can I open my roof box from both sides?

Many modern roof boxes feature dual-side opening for convenience. Check the product specifications to ensure the model you choose has this feature.

Where can I purchase the roof boxes mentioned in the article?

You can purchase these roof boxes through various retailers, both in-store and online. Links to trusted retailers and the best deals for each recommended roof box can be found within our article.



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