How to Tie a Box Spring to a Roof Rack

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Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

How to Tie a Box Spring to a Roof Rack First, make sure that you have quality nylon rope if you don’t already have bungee cords or ratchet straps. You want to make sure that the mattress is as secure as possible.

Put the box spring on top of the roof as flat as possible. Using your rope, begin at the front of the car, looping over the box spring two to three times, tying it off securely.

Repeat this step at the rear of the vehicle as well to minimize movement. Make sure that, if using rope, everything is tied tightly and securely.

It's a good idea to tie down your box spring, especially if you're driving on the highway or through difficult terrain. Not only will it keep your box spring from moving around, but it will also prevent it from being damaged if you hit a pothole or other bump in the road. Here are some tips on how to strap a box spring to a car.

How to Tie a Box Spring to a Roof Rack

Contrary to popular belief, it takes more than a few ties and a car to move a mattress and box spring. If you don’t take the proper steps, the box spring and mattress can not only become damaged, but they can fly off entirely.

So, it is key to ensure that the mattress and box spring are properly secured before going anywhere. Thankfully, there are a few important steps that can help your cargo remain secure and give you peace of mind during the transportation process.

Pack the Mattress and Box Spring

Whenever you move anything, packing is essential. Proper preparation and packing can mean all the difference in moving, particularly with large items such as a mattress and box spring. Get a plastic protection sheet for both to ensure that there are no scuffs or tears as you move.

It is a few extra bucks to ensure that your box spring and mattress are properly protected during the moving process. Moreover, if you get unlucky and it starts to rain during the trip, you will be protected for the short trip.

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Have the Right Vehicle

How to Tie a Box Spring to a Roof Rack

When moving something this big, it is probably smart to not use your compact car to do the heavy lifting. If you have a mid-large SUV or pickup truck, that is the most ideal solution. A pickup is probably most ideal because the mattress and box spring can sit more securely in the bed.

If you are traveling long distances, make sure that you rent a box truck. It is more expensive, but it drastically decreases the chances that something could go wrong along the way. You don’t want to risk the mattress or box spring flying off.

Tying the Mattress and Box Spring to the Roof

First and foremost, check to make sure that it is legal to transport a mattress and box spring in your area. There are few worse things than getting pulled over because the transportation method is illegal.

Next, get your supplies. Some nylon rope, bungee cords, or ratchet straps should work just fine. If you use rope, ensure that it is long enough that you can secure the box spring and mattress across the middle and ensure that you tie it as well as possible.

Place the mattress and box spring securely onto the roof. Try to minimize the movement before you secure it so as to minimize the amount of wiggle room that it will have as the vehicle moves.

Finally, secure it. Roll your windows down and, starting at the front, wrap your rope/cord/straps over the center portion of the mattress and box spring. Make sure that you secure them tightly (two to three times around should work).

Repeat this process at the rear of the car to completely anchor the box spring and mattress to the roof of the car. It never hurts to use a few extra cords or lengths of rope to ensure that it won’t slide or move.

9 Tips on How to Tie a Box Spring to a Roof Rack

1. Use a Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are ideal for securing large or heavy items to your roof rack because they provide continuous tension and can quickly adjust. A ratchet strap is made up of an eye hook on one end and one or more hooks on the other, allowing you to loop the strap around your cargo and adjust it by pulling on a lever or knob at the other end of the strap. The ratchet strap should be long enough to wrap completely around your cargo and back over itself several times before attaching it with another hook at its opposite end.

2. Attach the Chains

The chains should have come with your roof rack system. If not, you can purchase them at most hardware stores or online retailers. You'll want thick chains, such as the ones used for towing trailers or boats, because thin chains may break when they're under stress from the weight of the box spring being carried on top of your car or truck.

3. Attach One End of Each Chain to Each Corner

Attach one end of each chain to a corner of your box spring by wrapping it around the corner post and then locking it into place with a padlock (or another type of locking mechanism). The other end of each chain will go around one sidebar on your vehicle's rack and through its corresponding clip before locking it into place. Repeat this step for each corner on each side of the vehicle's roof rack system until all four corners are secured with both ends of each chain securely attached.

4. Secure It Tightly Against the Vehicle

Ensure you secure the box spring tightly against the back of your vehicle when tying it down with ropes or bungees. This will help reduce movement during transport which can help prevent damage from occurring during transit. If there's room in your truck bed, try placing some cardboard between where the mattress will sit and where it will be tied down for added protection from bumps.

5. Know Your Roof Rack

If you tie box spring to top of car then you need to make sure that the rack is strong enough to carry the weight of the box spring. You can easily check this by going online and finding out the recommended weight capacity for that particular roof rack. If you have any doubts, it is better to get another type of roof rack with a higher weight capacity.

6. Use Padding Underneath It

Another tip for tying a box spring onto your vehicle's roof rack is to use padding underneath it so that it does not get scratched up by rubbing against other items on top of it in transit. You can use blankets or towels as the padding underneath your box spring to prevent scratches and ensure they are stable.

7. Use Cargo Nets

Cargo nets are an affordable, easy-to-use option for securing heavy items to a roof rack. They're available in different sizes and can be used with rubber straps to secure items that aren't flat. To use cargo nets, you'll need a cargo net that's large enough to fit around your box spring. The best way to determine which size works best is by measuring your box spring before purchasing one.

It's also important to ensure the cargo net fits snugly around your box spring because loose cargo nets can be dangerous while driving. Once you have selected the right size, install it on your roof rack using its mounting brackets or straps. If you have a soft top on your vehicle, you may need to drill holes through the roof to secure it properly with bolts or rivets. Once installed, secure the cargo net with bungee cords or rope, so there is no room for movement when driving over bumps in the road.

8. Use Sailboat Tie-Downs

Sailboat tie-downs are a great option for tying down your box spring. They're strong, don't scratch the roof, and are easy to install. The only problem is that they're expensive. If you do decide to go with sailboat tie-downs, here's how to install them:

  • Install the first two hooks on the edge of your roof rack and attach them with a bolt and nut (or screw). You'll want to use a drill or screwdriver for this step, but make sure not to strip any holes in your roof rack.
  • Attach the third hook as close as possible to where you installed the first two hooks, so there is enough room between them for your load. If you have multiple boxes transported at once, ensure each box is secured by its own set of three hooks so that none of them shift around during transit and fall off your vehicle's roof rack.

9. Use Nylon Webbing

Nylon webbing is the perfect material for tying down a box spring. It's strong, durable, and flexible, so it can easily tie to the roof rack cross bars. In addition to the nylon webbing, you will also need some rope or straps. The rope can be an alternative option if you don't have enough nylon webbing in your possession. Here's how to install it.

  • You first need to tie one end of the nylon webbing onto one side of your roof rack cross bars using a bowline knot. Make sure that it's tight enough so that it won't slip off when you're driving around with your cargo.
  • Next, take the other end of your nylon webbing and feed it through one end of your box spring until it reaches its middle section. Tie another bowline knot on this side and ensure that both ends are secured tightly, so they don't move around while driving.
  • After securing both ends of your box spring together, wrap them around each other several times until they're closely aligned, and then secure it with another bowline knot at the end of your cargo carrier's cross bars.
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Wrapping Up

Box springs can be a pain to carry around. If you're moving into a new apartment or house and need to load your new mattress set, you don't want to leave your box springs behind. Box springs can weigh around 100 pounds, so using a roof rack for carrying is essential for keeping you safe and upright. The above are some tips to help you lower the potential risk of damaging your roof rack.

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