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Do you need Roof Bars?

You'll need some roof bars to fit these boxes. We recommend you order these directly from your vehicles manufacturer.

Before you head out for your next adventure on the road, it might benefit you to have the right rooftop carrier on your Subaru Outback. Whether you’ve chosen the sedan or the wagon, a good rooftop carrier helps you store cargo, skis, bikes, and so much more. Before you go shopping for one of these devices, it’s good to know the various types available. They include three main types:

Naturally, you’ll have to check both the dimensions and the compatibility for your vehicle, but since so many of these products fit most vehicles on the road, finding the right Subaru Outback rooftop carrier device shouldn’t be a problem. Many rooftop carriers are universal and will fit most if not all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Cargo Box for Subaru Outback

If a cargo box is what you want because you don’t want a rooftop basket or a bag, you certainly have a lot of them to choose from. The right Subaru Outback rooftop carrier is certainly out there, and all you have to do is decide which type and what size you need for your own vehicle. A lot of cargo boxes are made to hold a certain number of cubic feet of items, and they can be as small as 12 cubic feet or hold 30 or even 40 cubic feet if that’s what you need. Although most people don’t need 30- to 40-cubic-foot rooftop carriers, it’s good to know they’re there if you do need them.

When it comes to the best roof box for Subaru Outback, the Yakima SkyBox is a great option because it comes in sizes that range from 12 to 21 cubic feet, which accommodates most vehicles, especially if you drive a sedan. You get dual-side opening capability and waterproof materials for convenience. Even better, there is no assembly required and you can use it for any crossbars that are 24 to 36 inches in size. Although this cargo box is a bit pricey for some, it is a sturdy, well-made box that is built to last.

Best Rooftop Cargo Box Subaru Outback

Many people prefer a rooftop cargo box as opposed to a cargo bag simply because it usually has a hard-shell cover and can sometimes hold more items than the other types of cargo carriers do. The best rooftop cargo box Subaru Outback can come in many different sizes, and most manufacturers make at least a few boxes that you can choose from. Since they come in different sizes, it’s good to measure the top of your vehicle before you decide which cargo box you want, just to make sure that you don’t end up with something that is too big or too small.

The JEGS 18-cubic-foot cargo carrier is great because it has a 100-pound capacity, is completely waterproof, and requires no tools to get it assembled properly. Everything you need to get it attached to your vehicle comes with the carrier itself. It is made with a weather-tight seal and can be opened from either side, which is a huge convenience when you’re traveling. When it comes to finding the best roof cargo box for Subaru Outback, it isn’t nearly as complicated as some people assume. This is partly because there are so many high-quality cargo carriers that are made by top-notch companies and which won’t cost you a fortune to buy.

Best Rooftop Cargo Carrier for Subaru Outback

The best rooftop cargo carrier for Subaru Outback can be a box, basket, or bag, and when it comes to the manufacturers of these products, they offer such a wide selection that it is nearly impossible not to find something that fits your Outback perfectly. The cargo box made by DNA Motoring is an 11-cubic-foot, 100-pound capacity cargo carrier that has a textured look and is made out of highly impact-resistant ABS material. It opens from the side and remains open until you close it yourself, and it comes in other sizes that provide up to 17 cubic feet of interior space.

Although this cargo box requires crossbars to install it, you can easily find other rooftop carriers that attach to the top of your vehicle using just straps, which makes the installation a lot easier. Choosing the best roof cargo box for Subaru Outback is only a matter of deciding which type of carrier you need and what size. The rest, in fact, is very simple and fast on your part. The best part is, as long as you stick with a reputable manufacturer, you are certain to get a rooftop carrier that is sturdy and dependable and will last for many years to come.

Best Thule for Subaru Outback

When you’re shopping for rooftop carriers for your Subaru Outback or any other vehicle, you’ll run across a lot of manufacturers that are very reputable and make great products. These include Rhino Rack, Yakima, Rola, and Thule. All of these companies make an excellent product, but if you’re partial to Thule products, it’s good to know there are tons of them to choose from. When you’re looking for the best Thule for Subaru Outback, consider the following rooftop carriers:

  • Thule Force XT rooftop carrier. This is a large carrier that holds up to 165 pounds, or 16 cubic feet, of items. You can carry up to seven pairs of skis or up to five snowboards, and it clicks when it’s locked to let you know that it’s secure enough to travel. The carrier also comes in 11-, 18-, and 22-cubic-foot sizes if you need something smaller or larger.
  • Thule Pulse rooftop carrier. This carrier holds up to 14 cubic feet or 110 pounds worth of items and assembles in just minutes. It opens on the passenger side for convenience and best of all, it comes with a “comfort key” that will not release unless the carrier is fully locked and secure. This means no worrying about the carrier blowing open while you’re driving!

Subaru Crosstrek Roof Cargo Box

The Subaru Crosstrek is a very popular SUV, and when you’re trying to find the perfect cargo carrier, you’ll find that a lot of the best brands make great products you can choose from. Choosing the right cargo box means first deciding how much room you need once it’s finally installed. Most of them are easy to install and in fact, some cargo boxes even strap onto the roof of your vehicle, which means there’s no need to install a roof rack. Choosing a high-quality Subaru Crosstrek roof cargo box means a little research is in order, and a few of the best ones include:

  • JEGS rooftop cargo carrier, which holds up to 100 pounds or 18 cubic feet of items and is a heavy-duty, hard-shell carrier that can be attached to your vehicle without any tools. It is also aerodynamically designed to help with gas mileage.
  • Auto Dynasty 11 cubic-foot cargo carrier, which holds up to 110 pounds of items and is waterproof for convenience. This carrier opens to a full 14 inches and can be installed on your vehicle without any tools.
  • Thule SideKick cargo carrier, a compact carrier made for smaller items but can still hold up to 75 pounds of items. This one is 54” x 25” x 15.5” in size.

Crosstrek Storage Box

A storage box for your Subaru Crosstrek is a must if you travel a lot, and finding a good one is easy once you determine how much extra space you need. Loading your belongings in a suitcase and putting it in the trunk means less space in your vehicle, but a rooftop carrier takes care of that problem and allows you extra space that you didn’t have before. Some carriers to consider when you need a good Crosstrek storage box include:

  • GQOG rooftop carrier. This carrier box is quite large and holds up to 20 cubic feet of supplies, which means you can fit a lot of items in there without worrying about how it’s all going to fit. It comes with a combination lock to prevent your items from being stolen, and it is made out of multilayered waterproof material for extra protection from the elements. It is also a steal at under $100.
  • LIUXDIV rooftop carrier, which holds a whopping 21 cubic feet of items and is very easy to install. It even comes with an anti-slip mat for convenience and holds four to six suitcases or tents, sleeping bags, and so on. The waterproof carrier costs just under $50 and is black with orange highlights, making it an attractive carrier as well as a practical one.



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